Sunday, February 22, 2009


full name: jovanii santillan amaquin
nickname:it's complicated... well some call me jojo some call me skywaker:))
birthday: january 7 1996
birth place: dalaguete cebu
school:almanza elementary school
ateneo de manila high school
Email and YM:
hobbies: basketball, ice skating, painting, reading(school books, trivial, books, comics, novels),
playing guitar
sports: i am a basketball varsity from Ateneo:)), i am a former ice skater too...
what i like: well... i like to eat, i like to play basketball until burn up all the fats in my body=)), i like those people who are not so sensitive:, i like ice skaters=)) because in the philippines it is rare to have iceskaters=)) well maybe because our country is financially poor and also our climate is tropical... i also like playing freestyle, and some other internet and lan games:)) i also like listening to music
my accomplishments: iam a champion ice skater, i have around 85 gold medals around 30 silver medals and around 20 bronze medals which i got from my 5-6 years experience on ice...
now i am a basketball varsity in Ateneo De Manila, i competed in the MY BALL(mini youth basket ball league) and there i represented my school, Ateneo... ofcourse in basketball iam not alone we are a team... well, me and my team went back to Ateneo as the champion<:-P...
i am aso good in arts... actually i cempeted several time in poster making contest and cartooning... i competed in the division level (laspinas) and ncr...
i also competed academically (like in hekasi/ap science math quiz bee)


  1. keep it up boy...ikaw lang ang may kaya niyan and no body else...that's your achievements and you should be proud of it. pero syempre dapat mas madagdagan pa!

  2. ayan bro ok na po ang blog mo...ayos na dba?

    good luck!!!

    nakita na rin pala ni shan...bakit ala u daw pics.


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